Self-Driving Vehicles For Industry

We believe that the incorporation of robots completely autonomous and independent by themselves in the warehouses of the companies is a fact to be remarked.

In this case, we talk about the creation of a robot that is self-driven (like the Google car), designed for transport of heavy load for industrial warehouses that allows the companies gain more efficiency as well as reduce many costs.

OTTO brings much dynamism, since the traditional methods are very rigid and highly costly to change their structure. So it is much better suited to current trends, that are so changeable. Also it is very complete, safe, and there is no risk in their performance.

This is only one example of what technology and big research and development departments do for improving day by day all the business logistics systems.

This is just one example of what technology and large research and development departments can do for the business world, in this specific case, logistics.

We are sure that soon, will become a regular in all department stores for its efficiency and comfort.

But, we are aware that ever more humans will be less essential in business, at least in tasks more automated or that do not involve things like creativity, decision-making, empathy… More and more, all production processes are adding machines and robots on it, instead of people. This tell us that a big change is coming, and will bring many consequences on the labor world.

We think that, for example, the education field should have many more alterations and changes, like arise more careers according to the present technological change, since much of the university offer is the same as many years ago when the business structure, supply chains and logistics systems didn’t look like the present ones.

By: Flors Fumàs, Zlatka Hristova, Èlia Esmandia, Berta Ambròs

Reference: Logistics Business Magazine, 5 October 2015,


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