Faulty packaging affects half of e-commerce sales

E-commerce is growing fast. It is expected to reach 477M this year, according to GFK. However some issues related to the packaging looking concern the customers. Would you like to receive a box which is broken, open or not well conserved? Obviously, not. In fact customer would be willing to pay more to ensure that the product is delivered properly.

UK, France and Germany are focusing on this new channel however, if it is not ensured the packaging problem it may end injuring their international image.

On the other hand, Russia is the country with a highest growth rate.

Uk, France and Germany should try to stop the increasing commercial power of Russia by aligning the 5 key factors: packaging, reception, cost, operating and shopping experience. If one of this statement does not work, the customer may think twice before continuing buying in your webpage. So keep in mind:

  1. International competition
  2. Cost Efficiency
  3. Packaging, reception and operations
  4. Shopping experience (enjoyable webpage)

By: Navin Dodani

References: A. Belison, 9 October 2015, NoticiasLogisticaYTransporte.com

A. Belison, 24 September 2015, NoticiasLogisticaYTransporte.com


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