Airbus files patent for stacked passenger seating

In aircraft sector it is very important to fill all the cabin space in order to get an optimum use of it, so it is not surprising that someone came up with a new idea for transportation: if you can use only one plane to get as many passengers as possible from one country to another, why not?

Airbus has presented the patent for a very particular way to stack passengers on the cabin as it is shown in the article. They haven’t confirmed anything yet, but they have already signed the patent of the idea, which would imply a second row of passengers above the actual one replacing the overhead lockers. This new model would affect the economy of every air company that uses it, reducing costs and being able to offer cheaper flights.

We can see a clear objective with this patent of optimizing the space and each flight, filling the entire plane with a 30% more of passengers (according to their previous studies), but have they considered the consumer comfort? According to them it would increase, but looking at the pictures I can’t imagine how.

What do you think about this new idea? Would you prefer to have a reduction in price in a long-distance flight in exchange of having someone sitting just above you?

By: Anna Garcia Minguell

Reference article: N. Bogart, 7th October 2015,


3 thoughts on “Airbus files patent for stacked passenger seating

  1. Anabel rAMOS says:

    In my humble opinion I think that it’s a good way to diversify and segment the costumer service, I mean, we could choose between a lot of choices. If you prefer cheap flights rather than comfortability, then here you have the chance. Making decision requires trading off a goal against another, “There is no such thing as a free lunch” what I want to say with that is that everything has a cost.
    Meanwhile we were updated with all the services’ conditions, I am totally agree with that new model. The only harmed here are the competence of such Company -Airbus-. They will have to invest a huge amount of money in innovation to catch up with this new Business’ vision.

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  2. Marta Muela García says:

    In 1973, after the oil crisis, US open their markets again. Fact that make to rethink the structures of all companies.
    No one guarantee success if it was good to invest in aircraft industry, but if it went well you could earn a lot of money. To enter this sector needed a strong investment in technology, innovation and service.
    In terms of assets, companies have very substantial fixed assets. With these companies, it is difficult to make money because the ROI is slow.
    If an airline wants to lower the price, they can lower the variable costs such as not giving free food or drinks, or just they can increase their capacity.
    The idea of Aer Lingus can be good. But there are also other companies such as Ryanair that have thought also of competing in capacity. His idea is to go standing on short flights, like if you were on a bus.
    Therefore, besides being great investment by businesses, they would be competing more on price. It could become a war, in which one of them would win.
    In addition, the customer comfort would be affected. But that depends on our preferences. What do we prefer? Standing up on a plane and paying little, or paying a bit more and being more comfortable?
    Everyone will have their opinions

    Marta Muela

    Based on: Article of Harvard Business School


  3. Marina Farré says:

    As you say, companies are always trying to create new ideas and formats to reduce costs and achieve more benefits. And in this race to be the best, wins who has before the best idea, which is why occasionally comes out new patents from the aviation sector. I remember some time ago I heard about a patent where the passengers were standing up all the flight. It permitted to double the number of passengers but in my opinion that would be not perceived as good for passengers because you don’t have any feeling of security. We don’t know if in the future come to implement, in my opinion depends on the ticket price and rebate you can get, we will see…


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