CNET News – Amazon

In 2003, realized they needed better warehouse logistics to meet consumer demands in eCommerce which is increasing at a huge speed.

They founded Amazon Robotics, which was a subsidiary of, based on automation. The Headquarter is located in the Boston area, which is the epicenter of robotic innovation. It has developed corporate and academic partnerships to support innovation throughout the robotics ecosystem.

After, they created a plant in California with more than 3 thousand Kiva Robots. They empower a smarter, faster, more consistent customer experience through automation.  This automated system improves efficiency by 20%.  It helps employees hold millions of orders. Also, the robots increase time efficiency. It now takes 15 minutes instead of 90 to fulfill an order. They also allow 50% more inventory in the warehouse.

Some people believe the robots are replacing human labor, however this is not the case since there are still 4 thousand people working in the warehouse.

By: Mireia Sanchez


One thought on “CNET News – Amazon


    Now, after studying TOPIC 3, we can clearly see that this video is related to ORDER CYCLE MANAGEMENT. Amazon Robotics helps reducing the average time but what is most important, THE VARIANCE of the order cycle, due to the fact that order transmittal, order preparating and order filling are carried by an automation system.


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